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More Than I Wanted

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More Than I Wanted

Secret Desires

Ava Catori

Copyright 2012, Ava Catori

All rights reserved. No
part of this publication may be reproduced without prior permission
of the copyright holder.

This story contains
sexually explicit material. Every character involved in sexual
situations in this story is intended to be 18 years of age or older,
whether they are explicitly described as such or not.

Cover design by Aubrey

Chapter 1

dove for the ball thinking I was being sporty and awesome, but when I
landed on my face I didn’t feel so graceful anymore. The
volleyball slammed into the net never making it over, and I planted
my face to the ground.

team was surrounding me, “Are you okay?”

was my pride that got me off the ground, and biting my cheek that
kept me from crying. As soon as they got back into the game, I
excused myself to go get ice. That’s when the tears started.
The shock of the moment wore off, and I was left with pain.

get you some ice,” Heather chimed in, guiding me to the

were enjoying the last of summer, having a barbecue with some
friends, when I made my fabulous move on the volleyball court. Well,
basically it was the lawn with a net set up, but you know what I

it hurts so badly,” I said, trying to keep the flow of bad
words that wanted to come out to a minimum.

grabbed a bag of frozen peas and wrapped them in a kitchen towel.
Handing them to me, I placed the moldable ice bag on my nose and

hope I didn’t break it,” I groaned, not wanting a bump to
adorn my nose.

found his way into the kitchen, “You okay, Tiger? Nice dive.”

survive,” I said, trying to act tough.

going to make a quick beer run. Austin and Jake are on the way over,
and they’re ready to let loose.” Scott and Heather had
been married for awhile now, and were just about the cutest couple.

she said, turning her attention back to me. “I was hoping
they’d make it. Austin is the one I was telling you about.”

you still trying to set me up? Seriously, give it a rest,” I
said playfully, certain Austin would be another of her “he’s
perfect for you” pitches. Not that there weren’t some
nice people along the way, but it was getting old. We just had
different opinions of what was good for me. I hate to say it, but I
need chemistry. If there isn’t a spark, I wasn’t
interesting in kindling the fire hoping to make a fake one.

rolled her eyes, “I know what you’re thinking, but this
is Austin, you know the soldier I told you about. Jake and Austin
just got back from deployment awhile back. He’s not looking for
a lifetime career – I know that’s something you were
worried about with some of Scott’s other friends.”

I love you, really I do, but we have different ideas of what’s
best for me,” I finally sighed.

be that way. Just know Jake is in a relationship and off limits.
Austin, on the other hand is free game, and he’s a site for
sore eyes,” her tone went up playfully, “you’ll
thank me for introducing you,” she finished.

my head, “Aren’t I a peach, a swollen nose, red and rosy
from slamming my face on the ground, and you want to introduce me to
Prince Charming now? You’re never going to stop, are you?”

know me so well,” she grinned gleefully. “Anyway, you’ll
thank me.”

and I became fast friends working side by side the last year. We knew
right away we’d hit it off, and it was nice to have a best
friend again. Her husband Scott was in the military, as was half the
town. It was a way of life here with the base not far away. Our
cubicles are a little farther apart these days, but we’re still
in the same office.

this short year, she’d all ready set me up with five or six
guys. It’s not that they weren’t nice or attractive; it’s
just that we didn’t click. I think she had other ideas of what
I wanted in a relationship, and I kept trying to let her know I’d
find my own guys, but she never gave up. I could only laugh, because
she got so much joy out of the matchmaking process. It’s not
like I had anything better to do anyway.

headed back out to join the others after a solid twenty minute icing
and some girl talk. Scott was due back shortly from his beer run, and
the party was going strong. There were easily thirty people talking,
eating, playing ball, and hanging out. What were one or two more?
Jake and Austin showed up awhile later, and it was obvious everybody
knew them.

were hugs and smartass comments, while laughter roared loudly across
the backyard. They’d gone through their last tour, had their
reintegration period, and were finally on their block leave ready for
some fun.

didn’t know which was which, but damn, one of them held my
attention. As they made their rounds, I finally got an introduction.
I couldn’t look away from one of the guys. He was H-O-T!

walked over with me, “Austin, Jake, so glad you boys could make
it. This is my friend Kate. We work together,” she said.
Turning she said, “Kate, this is Jake, and this is Austin.”
I could almost feel her smile.

That’s Austin. Nice. My head couldn’t think clearly, I
stood looking at the man before me praying I didn’t make a fool
of myself, something I did well on most occasions. “Hi,”
I said blushing. I felt like a schoolgirl. Hello spark, hell, you’d
better call the fire department, my entire body was on fire.

was something about his sweet smile, a little pouty, sensual, and it
screamed sexy. His dark, cropped hair was still military short, and
his eyes, oh my goodness his eyes. I could get lost in them for days.
I couldn’t take in enough details about him fast enough.

to meet you,” they both responded in unison. We made small talk
until Scott came in to steal them away, and in that moment I turned
to look at Heather. She knew immediately I was smitten, absolutely in
full blown lust. Maybe it was how my eyes went wide, or the huge
smile I couldn’t wipe off my face, but she knew. She grinned at
her victory, and then drew the conversation back with a simple, told
you so.

settled back into lawn chairs under a shade tree, watching the
volleyball game continue. When the new guys joined in I couldn’t
take my eyes off of Austin. After their shirts came off, it only
hooked me more. I knew drooling wouldn’t be appropriate, so I
kept it to a minimum.

had ink on his arms and his body screamed soldier – a solid
chest, broad shoulders, and pumped biceps. It was embarrassing how
hard I was falling – I had it bad. I could barely look away.
His dog tags jingled as he jumped for the ball, spiking it down onto
the other side of the net. I wanted him in that instant, I wanted to
lick his entire body from top to bottom, and wanted to feel his hard
cock penetrating me fast and deep.

problem is that it looked like he barely flinched when he met me. I
don’t think he felt the same spark that I did. I was just some
girl, not someone on his radar. I wasn’t sure how to change
that, but I made it a goal to spend a little face time with him at
some point during the picnic. I wanted his number, and needed him to
call me – now. I wanted to take him inside and do naughty
things to his body, but my reality was so obviously one-sided,
because the only thing he seemed to care about at the moment was beer
and volleyball.

long, dark hair was tied up in a loose pony tail. I was mostly
make-up free after cleaning up and icing my face, and my t-shirt was
stained from grass after my fall. I was hardly at my best, and it hit
me hard when I realized I wanted him and he barely noticed me. It’s
not like I’m stunning made up, but usually I clean up a little
better than this.

“Not a great first impression. I look like crap,” I

it time, he needs to let loose for awhile anyway. Once that’s
out of his system, then I’ll set you up. He’s had a rough
year. I’ll broach the topic with Scott when the time is right,”
she said after standing up. “I better make the rounds again and
act like a host. Truth be told, I’d be happy to sit in the
shade and have a few more beers with you, but I should at least
mingle more,” she said. Most of the group here were Scott’s
buddies today, but she still felt obligated to be a good host. “I’ll
be back,” she said pasting on a smile.

couldn’t look away, I was still watching him play ball, and he
caught me looking when he glanced over. I blushed, quickly turning my
head. I hope I wasn’t obvious – great. I went into
daydream mode and pictured him coming over and sitting with me, but
it wasn’t reality. He was still on the playing field,
aggressively going after the ball every time it came near him –
only he got it over the net, unlike me.

Chapter 2

talking to Scott, he plated up a hot dog for me. I set off in search
of ketchup and some chips. Heather set up a station earlier with
plates and side dishes on a picnic table off to the side. My back was
turned when I heard his voice, “I’m more of a mustard guy
myself,” he said as I was squeezing a red line of ketchup onto
my dog.

no accounting for taste,” I teased, not exactly sure who was
talking to me. Spinning around, I came face to face with Austin. I
almost dumped my plate in that instant, but caught it before my hot
dog could roll off. “Whoa!” In some dynamic twist and
grab, I saved my plate and food before it could hit the ground.

I was juggling my stuff and wrangling the hot dog back into the roll.
“Austin, right?”

he smiled. “Just wanted to grab a handful of chips,” he
said, and then turned to walk away.

like that. I was awestruck again. I wanted him, crap did I want him.
My loins came to life around the guy, but he was all ready walking
away. My animal magnetism obviously wasn’t working.

I called out, desperately trying to think of something to say.

turned around, a few feet away now, “Yeah?”

to meet you,” and she falls flat on her face for the second
time today. I kicked myself for not being quicker to think of
something funny and delightful, something that would draw him back to
me like glue.

too,” he said turning away, heading to a group of guys to laugh
and catch up some more.

it was nice while it lasted. He’s obviously not going to be
interested – just enjoy him from afar.

found me, “I’ve done my good host bit; I’m golden.”
She sat down and once again we rambled about nonsense while enjoying
some grub under the big tree offering the most shade.

turned to her, “I totally blew it. I wanted to be all cute and
witty, but I had nothing,” I explained about my earlier hot dog

you have it bad,” she laughed. “I’ll see if I can
accelerate things. I’m such a good friend,” she mused.
“Besides, you don’t want him yet. He needs some downtime.
Let him get that stuff out of his system first. Trust me, when Scott
gets back after a deployment, it takes awhile for us to work through
those bits and pieces. You’ll have plenty of time later –
when it will count.”

so…” my jaw was open wide, full of expression when who
should walk up, of course, again looking my best.

I was hoping I could steal Scott away next weekend. He says it’s
up to you.” Austin was standing there looking incredible. I
tried not to drool.

entire weekend,” she winced, “really?”

a pal,” he coaxed, “I just want to help my little sister
get moved into her new place at college. I told her I’d send a
bunch of guys to help her get settled.”

rolled her eyes, “Fine, but that only takes one day.”

in California,” he grimaced.


laughed, “Just playing. I was kind of hoping to get some one on
one time with him. I could use someone to talk to if you don’t
mind, you know, guy stuff.”

okay?” Heather asked, concerned.

nodded, “Just the usual crap after a tour.”

you can have him, but stay out of trouble,” she teased.

he said sincerely, and about to turn away.

she said, stopping him in his track, “could you help my friend
Katie here. She was saying she wanted to…” she stumbled,
and I watched her revive in an instant. “She wants to learn how
to spike a volleyball over the net, but is having trouble not hitting
the net.”

be a height thing, and you need to be close,” he said.

her how,” she nudged.

sure thing, just give me a minute,” he said. “I’ll
be back,” he called over his shoulder.

BOOK: More Than I Wanted
4.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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