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The O’Hara Wedding




Bianca D’Arc.






























All Rights Reserved.

Cover Art by Bianca D’Arc

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A Note From The Author

This prologue was part of the original manuscript of Hara’s Legacy and was deleted during the editing process. I hope readers will enjoy seeing the very beginning of Caleb and Jane’s marriage, and her relationship with the brothers, before the cataclysm that changed everything.

Thanks to my readers for making Hara’s Legacy such a success. I have five books planned for this series. They are:

Hara’s Legacy

Davin’s Quest

Jaci’s Experiment

Grady’s Awakening

Harry’s Sacrifice

I hope you will like each one even more than the last.

Happy reading!

Bianca D’Arc

- 2 -

The O’Hara Wedding

By Bianca D’Arc

© 2007 Bianca D’Arc. All Rights Reserved A Deleted Prologue to Hara's Legacy, available now.










The wedding was beautiful. Simple and serene, the ceremony was held at a church about an hour’s drive from the O’Hara ranch in rural Montana. All three O’Hara brothers were there, the youngest arranging a weekend off from his first year at veterinary school to come home for the festivities. The middle brother had arrived from who-knew-where to act as best man, as the eldest joined his life to the young, blushing bride.

All three brothers had known Jane since she was just a child, and loved her just as long. She was their sunshine in the rain; her natural empathy was a balm to each of them in her own special way.

But Jane had been sad since her father died, and only a tiny spark of the light that usually shone bright in her

- 3 -

eyes was there on her wedding day. Her father had owned a neighboring ranch and now that he was gone, there was no one to give her away at the wedding.

Seeing her standing alone at the end of the aisle in a blindingly white dress, the youngest O’Hara, Mick, strode down to gather her into a gentle hug. He tucked her trembling hand in his and escorted her down the aisle.

Mick gave her to his eldest brother with little outward emotion, though inside he was torn.

He’d always loved Jane. He’d always wanted her for his own. But he had nothing to offer her. His eldest brother, Caleb, had inherited the ranch and Mick was only just starting his veterinary studies. If he’d been just a bit older, with more promising prospects, he would’ve given Caleb a run for his money, but as things stood, he watched with bittersweet regret as Jane joined her life to his brother’s for all time.

- 4 -

Justin, the middle brother, watched the ceremony with tight lips, his happiness for his older brother tinged with a longing he didn’t dare name. He was the wild one, the one who’d left home and joined the Army, though no one but Caleb knew where he’d been these past few years.

And he’d keep it that way. Justin had energy to burn and fighting in the elite Special Forces was one of the safer ways to do it.

He envied Caleb his calm disposition and the fact that he’d been able to sweet talk Jane into joining their little family. She belonged with them. She’d been part of the family since she’d first smiled up at him, her pigtails swinging in the breeze as he pushed her on the swing set out behind her daddy’s ranch house. She’d been a precocious tyke and had grown into a beautiful young woman. Yes, indeed, Caleb was a lucky man.

Caleb thought so too a few hours later, after the last few guests went home and his brothers took off for parts

- 5 -

unknown, leaving the sprawling ranch house to the newlyweds. They would leave for a honeymoon trip the next day, but tonight was to be spent in the safe, familiar environs of the O’Hara homestead. Caleb had planned it that way so his bride would be more comfortable. Her gift of empathy was a strong and sometimes unpredictable talent. He didn’t want unfamiliar surroundings and people to intrude on their first night together.

He wanted everything to be perfect. Caleb escorted Jane out onto the back deck, the night breeze cool on her pale skin. He settled her in his arms, trailing his fingers lightly over her hair, her neck, the rise of her breasts above her pretty dress.

He could feel her warming to him, feel her eager but untried response, and reveled in the idea that she would be his for all time. Her innocence, her purity, her love, was his now and forever. It was a humbling thought. He wouldn’t let doubts play on his nervesænot tonight. His brothers would have to find their own women, though few could equal the one snuggling in his arms. She was quite a few years younger than him, much less experienced and

- 6 -

all too fragile emotionally. But she loved him, and he loved her. He knew it deep in his heart and he felt their love would see them through whatever came.

Reverently, he stroked her more boldly, reaching under the wisps of her upswept hair to nibble her neck the way he’d come to know she liked. She was still a virgin, but he’d tested the limits of their new intimate relationship in the past month, needing to know if she would respond to him sexually, and hoping to distract her from her grief. The ploy had worked on both counts and the result was that she was an eager virgin. Caleb counted himself blessed.

“Why don’t we go inside, honey?” She shivered as he picked her up and carried her over the threshold, up a flight of stairs and into the master bedroom. As the eldest brother, he’d taken over the large master suite a year after their parents died, making all his brothers help redecorate the house. It was his way of putting away the grief they’d all suffered in different ways. He was glad now he’d sought Jane’s advice on the color scheme. He knew she liked the room she’d help decorate, and that she’d

- 7 -

enjoy sharing it with him. Especially the luxurious king-sized bed.

He dumped her in the middle of the bed and stood back to just look at her.

“What are you thinking?” she asked shyly.

His smile widened as he moved forward, reaching for the buttons on his shirt. “I was just thinking how lucky I am.”

She smiled and knelt on the mattress to help him slide the buttons out of their holes while he focused his attentions on her dress. Pulling down the zipper and releasing the tiny buttons, he pushed the gown off her shoulders to reveal a frilly white corset bra that made his breath catch.

“Where’d you get this?” He fingered the fragile lace with his big hands.

“My friend Julie knows a great mail order shop.”

- 8 -

She lifted up to pull the dress off her hips and reveal the matching garter, hose, and thong panties. Caleb thought he might suffocate.

“Do you like it?”

It took a moment before he could string thoughts into coherent words as she lay back on the bed, smiling up at him nervously, tantalizing him with her mix of innocence and temptation.

“Like it? Damn, woman, you’re gorgeous.” He shucked his shirt and quickly removed his pants. When he was naked, he watched her eyes widen as she saw him for the first time.

She looked ready to bolt.

Sitting close, he stroked her arms with light touches.

Reaching out, he folded the sheer lace cups of the bra under, exposing her. The wire of the corset supported her breasts, lifting them high as he gazed in appreciation.

Gently, he stroked his hands over her, pinching a little, making her gasp.

- 9 -

“Don’t be frightened, Janie. I’ll take care of you.” He pulled her close for a reassuring hug as he whispered in her ear. “I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you.”

“But, um, you’re so… Will you fit?”

He tried hard not to laugh, turning her and placing her back to his front. He nestled his arousal in the crevice of her bottom, revealed by the thin line of the fabric. How he loved that thong underwear. He rubbed into her softness, groaning, stroking her breasts with his hands from behind. He’d spent a lot of time learning how she liked to be touched, and he put that knowledge to good use arousing her slowly, as she became accustomed to the feel of him.

“We’ll fit perfectly, honey. Don’t worry. I’ll go slow, and if it hurts, I’ll make it better. I promise. All you have to do is trust me and tell me what feels good, okay?”

She moaned her agreement, already squirming in the way that told him she was eager for more. One of his hands trailed down from her breast to the apex of her

- 10 -

thighs, cupping her as she gasped. He hadn’t touched her there often, but she knew enough to know he could bring her pleasure with his hands.

“Open for me, baby,” he whispered, biting down on her earlobe. With great care, he moved so she was lying on her back, one of his hands on her breast, one cupping between her thighs. He met her wide, excited eyes as he pressed his hips to the side of her soft thigh, letting her feel once more how aroused he was.

“Spread your legs, now.” His hand sank deeper into her heat. Looking down, he realized the thong had been put on over the garter and he wasted little time sliding it down, baring her between the white stockings and garter.

He settled between her knees with a mischievous smile. Her feminine scent made his mouth water as he knelt, pressing her legs farther apart until he could see the rosy glow of her inner lips.

- 11 -

“Caleb?” She sounded unsure and he stilled her trembling with long strokes along the insides of her thighs.

“Don’t worry, honey. I just want to taste you. To kiss you. I promise you’ll enjoy it.” He bent to lick her, satisfied when she cried out at the sudden contact.

Bending lower, he tongued her, reveling in the sweet, fresh taste of her. He didn’t relish the idea of having to hurt her, but he did like the idea that he was the first to ever claim her body.

“Caleb!” She cried out and he knew she was on the edge. He redoubled his efforts, stroking rhythmically, reaching up to squeeze her breasts as she came around him with a keening cry. He smiled against her and rode her through the storm. It would be the first of many that night.

He couldn’t wait another minute to be inside her.

When she started quivering in anticipation against his lips once more, he moved back to watch her, spreading her wide with his fingers, memorizing the slick folds that

- 12 -

would welcome him. He rubbed his thumb in a circular motion, feeling her tremble. Gently, he inserted one large finger, watching her take him, listening to her breath catch. Slowly, he rubbed, crooking his finger slightly, watching it slide inside. When he thought she was ready, he added a second digit, stretching her. She whimpered at first, but soon got into the rhythm of his caress, learning to move with his shallow thrusts.

“You’re so beautiful, Jane. I’m never going to get enough of you.”

She moaned, meeting his eyes shyly. “Anything you want, Caleb. Anything.”

His heartbeat accelerated and he replaced his hands with his hips, touching his tip to her eager opening as he stared down into her eyes. “I’ll take everything you have to give, my love, and return it all tenfold.”

- 13 -

She lifted into his kiss and felt the nudge of his thick staff between her legs. She knew it would probably hurt the first time, but Caleb would make it all right. He’d be careful with her and wouldn’t hurt her any more than he had to. He’d already given her more pleasure than she’d ever known and she looked forward to learning more at his tender hands.

She felt cherished, as she had since the day Caleb had started courting her. They’d always been friends and she had always admired him, but when her father took ill, she’d come to lean on Caleb’s strength more and more until finally she realized their life-long friendship had turned to a deep and grown-up kind of love.

Her gift of empathy made her certain of his love in a way few other women would ever know. She felt his desire and his care of her now, as well as his impatience—which he was keeping under tight rein—to join his body to hers.

She loved him for his gentleness and his understanding, but she was eager to learn the mystery of man joining woman and feel the pleasure she knew he could give her.

She was ready, finally, to become a woman.

- 14 -

Sliding her palms around his shoulders, she reached up and kissed him, surprising him, she could tell.

“I want you now, Caleb.” She truly didn’t want to wait any longer.

With a groan, he gave in, pushing into her. It felt tight and uncomfortable at first, but he applied steady pressure that brought him inside her body at a slow and unstoppable rate. She began to burn around him and gasped as he seemed to slide inside on wheels of fire. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t horrific either, just a slow and deep claiming that made her feel as if she might burst. He filled her so completely, she had no idea if she could take it.

BOOK: O'Hara Wedding
11.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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