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Every Beat Of My Heart: The Sullivans (Wedding Novella)

BOOK: Every Beat Of My Heart: The Sullivans (Wedding Novella)
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~ The Sullivans ~

Wedding Novella

Bella Andre

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~ The Sullivans ~

Wedding Novella

© 2016 Bella Andre

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“You are cordially invited to a very special wedding…”

What do you get when two Sullivans pick the same wedding date?

Two super-sexy grooms.

Two beautiful brides.

Two very unconventional (four-legged and furry) ring bearers.

And Sullivans from around the word coming together to celebrate vows of forever with auto mogul Zach Sullivan and dog trainer Heather Linsey—and pro baseball star Ryan Sullivan and sculptor Vicki Bennett.

This is the double wedding millions of Sullivan fans have been waiting for…

Special note from Bella Andre:
If you are already a fan of the series, I hope you absolutely love being able to reconnect with all your favorite San Francisco and Seattle Sullivans! If you are just getting started, this is a great way to meet everyone, and you can find a Sullivan Family Tree on my website (

A note from Bella

Over the past five years, countless readers have written to ask if I could write a story about how your favorite Sullivans are doing. I am beyond thrilled to finally fulfill that request—especially given that writing
has been such a wonderful experience. I’ve laughed and cried along with each and every one of my heroes and heroines as they worked together to put on this fun and emotional wedding.

If you are already a fan of the series, I hope you love being able to reconnect with all your favorite San Francisco and Seattle Sullivans! If you are just getting started, this is a great way to meet everyone. You can find out how Zach and Heather first found love in
and learn more about Ryan and Vicki’s love story in

One other frequent request has been for a family tree, and I’m very pleased to include one in this book. You can also find it on my website:

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you for reading my books and for writing me such lovely emails and online comments. Knowing that you love my Sullivans as much as I do makes me very, very happy!

Happy reading,

Bella Andre

PS: After writing more than a dozen books about the Sullivan family, I’m always amazed to find myself falling more in love with them than ever. Now that the San Francisco and Seattle Sullivans have all found love, it’s time for their cousins in New York and Maine to find love too! Drake Sullivan kicks off the New York branch with
and his sister, Suzanne, will be next in

PPS: As a special bonus, I’ve put together a behind-the-scenes look at what inspired me to first write about the Sullivans—and why I plan to keep writing about them for as long as I possibly can! Click on the image below to find out more or visit


The dogs gave away Heather Linsey’s appearance a full sixty seconds before she walked into Zach Sullivan’s garage. Cuddles and Atlas ran in to greet Zach at top speed, the tags on their collars clinking and clanging like wind chimes. Though Atlas weighed a hundred and fifty pounds more than Cuddles, he had enough control over his big, long limbs to stop himself before he hit the classic—and priceless—1974 Ferrari 365 GT4 that Zach was working on. Cuddles, on the other hand, though barely eight pounds soaking wet, went sliding all the way beneath the car.

“Goofballs.” Zach looked at Atlas. “Want me to get your girlfriend out from under there?” He could have sworn the Great Dane nodded.

Both of them bent down to look for the teacup Yorkie under the car. And as Cuddles sat just out of reach with her tail wagging a million miles an hour and her tongue hanging out of her mouth, Zach was reminded of the first time he met Heather, right here at Sullivan Autos.

Best day of his life.

“Nothing wrong with that view,” she said a few moments later in a voice laced with humor and more than a little sensuality.

The sound of Heather’s voice was all it took to rev Zach’s engine. Grinning, with his torso still under the car, he did a mini-twerk for her.

Her laughter warmed every cell in his body as she walked over to the side of the car and said, “Be still, my heart.” Making his fiancée laugh was one of Zach’s number one goals in life. She’d been too serious for too long before they found each other.

Hearing Heather’s voice, Cuddles clearly decided it would be more fun to be with her than to keep toying with Zach and Atlas. With a doggy grin, she trotted out from under the car, and Zach immediately scooped her up.

With the dog tucked under one arm, Zach stood up, then pulled his fiancée against him. “You stole my line.” Her mouth was warm and sweet beneath his as he kissed her, then said, “My heart hasn’t beat normally since the first day you walked into my garage and gave me hell.”

The truth was, he’d never expected a woman like Heather to come into his life. Sparks had jumped between them from the first, and when they finally gave in to their feelings for each other?
wasn’t anywhere near a good enough word for the heat of their lovemaking.

The most amazing thing of all, however, wasn’t just that he’d found her in the first place. It was that life with her just kept getting better and better.

“You were so hot,” she muttered in a voice made slightly breathless from his kiss, “and so infuriatingly cocky.”

“And now?”

“You’re still hot.” She grinned. “And just as cocky as ever.”

“You love it.”

“I love you,” she clarified. “So I put up with the rest of the package.”

“Speaking of the rest of the package—” Her mouth was too tempting to resist kissing again. “—want to get kinky in the backseat of a souped-up Ferrari?”

She raised an eyebrow. “Is that why you asked me to leave my office to visit you in the middle of the day?”

“Would that be a problem if it was?”

She slid her hands under his shirt, and his abdominal muscles flexed and jumped as she replied with a cocky grin of her own, “It will only be a problem if you take more than sixty seconds to get my clothes off.”

“Don’t start counting yet.”

“Too late.” Her wicked smile made his heart jump so fast and hard inside his chest that he could practically hear it reverberating against the walls and concrete floor. “One. Two. Three.”

Zach carefully put Cuddles down, told both dogs to go lie on their dog beds in the corner, then went to hit the button on the wall that closed his garage doors. After locking the door that led to his office as well, he sprinted back to Heather, who was at
by then.

He didn’t bother with undoing buttons, just tore her shirt open and shoved it off. They had a change of outfits for her in his locker, just in case something like this should happen to her clothes. Which it did. Often.

She gasped at his caveman approach, but he could tell by the way her pupils dilated that she loved it just as much as he did. Otherwise, why would she have given him a running time clock?

Her countdown grew huskier with every second that passed. He’d never thought the word
could sound sexy, but boy, did it ever.

Her bra came next, but since it was one of his favorites—a pink and white lacy thing from which her breasts spilled in the sexiest possible way—he unclipped the front latch before sliding it off her shoulders rather than ripping it in two.

“Thirty-one.” She licked her lips, the tip of her tongue wetting that gorgeous mouth of hers. “And you’ve still got so much to take off.”

Sweet Lord, he loved the way they teased. Sparred
sparked. He could spend a thousand years with Heather and never feel bored. Never wish that he could have anyone else. Not when Heather was absolutely
to him.

“Don’t worry,” he promised, “you’ll be naked and in the backseat before sixty.”

Without giving her any warning, he picked her up and had her on the leather seat by
His mouth was watering at the way her breasts were bouncing from the trip into the car, but he couldn’t let himself be distracted. Not yet. Not until he had her jeans and panties off too.

Thankfully, she was hungry enough for him that she was already kicking off her shoes by the time he’d unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.


He grinned, deciding to take every last one of the remaining nine seconds to tease them both by slowly sliding denim and lace down her long, toned legs. Her voice shook with each of the final seconds she spoke aloud, and he wondered just how close she was to begging by now. By his estimation, not far at all.

He muffled
with his mouth on hers and his hands in her hair as he freed the long, silky strands from her braid. And when she wrapped her gorgeous naked limbs all around him and pulled him down over her on the backseat, every last one of his teenage dreams came true. Again.

He was running kisses over the soft skin of her neck and shoulders when she said, “You really are good at that.”

BOOK: Every Beat Of My Heart: The Sullivans (Wedding Novella)
2.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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